Sunset Marina Association

Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2018


  1. Roll Call:

President – Scott McKellar, Secretary – Chris Martin (via telephone), Treasurer – Eric Reichelt, Randy Atkins, Conor Jordan (via telephone)

Also present:  Attorney – Spencer Stromberg, Dockmaster – Mark Evans,    HOA Manager – Sandy Day

Meeting commenced at 4:00 p.m.

  1. First Words:
  2. Welcome Sandy Day as the new HOA Manager of Sunset Marina Association. Introduction email requested.
  3. New breakwater application submitted to City of Chelan. Permits expected July 2018.  The City of Chelan has posted the notice at the front of the Sunset Marina property.

III.        Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Need to obtain explanation for the telephone expenses, marketing expenses, bank fees and office supplies.
  2. The utilities need to become line items separated out by trash, electrical and water. Propane needs to be added as a utility.
  3. DNR Lease confirmation that this is a 1x annual charge.
  4. No need for an Aging Report from CPA. HOA Manager can include the monthly spreadsheet that is provided to accountant for future meetings.
  5. Old Business:
  6. Clubhouse Events
  7. $250 non- refundable deposits are to be received from slip owner responsible for event for housekeeping. (Example: Customer Appreciation Day on April 7, Russ McClellan).
  8. All items brought to marina for event are to be removed immediately upon the conclusion of event unless otherwise pre-approved by HOA Manager.


  1. Dock Master Emergency Contact
  2. New emergency phone number is (509) 679-6335
  3. New signs will be printed with this information for the entry of clubhouse and dock gate.
  4. Dock Bumpers
  5. Owners will select from Marina approved dock bumper types.
  6. All dock bumpers are to be white in color.
  7. The slip owners will purchase the dock bumpers and have installed by Dock Master.
  8. Dock Master will have sample available.
  9. Fencing for public access trail It was agreed a 4-foot chain link fence will be installed along the border between the public breakwater path and the private BBQ area.
  10. Swimming Area will not be permitted after research into Electric Shock Drowning. Link provided as per Scott’s request.
  11. Bar Operation – Liquor Licensing
  12. Board member Randy Atkins is applying for a liquor license in behalf of the HOA could take over 90 days and will have a more detailed report in the near future.


IV        New Business:

  1. Special Owners Meeting regarding Board of Directors Election on April 24, 2018
  2. Meeting is to serve as an election only of officers to the Sunset Marina Association Board of Directors.
  3. Upon conclusion of special meeting, newly elected board will appoint positions as outlined in the bylaws.
  4. Special Meeting regarding Audit
  5. Special meeting will be scheduled to have slip owners vote on official audit of financials of the developer or to conduct a “Review” of financials of the developer.
  6. Chelan County Sheriff’s Department requests to use Sunset Marina for the in-service marine refresher training.
  7. Nana Doors on the first floor of the bar area will be operated by staff only. New signs will be placed in an obvious location to prevent expensive replacement costs.
  8. Calendar for Sunset Marina will be placed on website and the HOA Manager will be the administrator. Facebook and Instagram will be updated also by the HOA Manager.
  9. Checks and Balance System for HOA Manager and Dock Master with regards to purchases. Any amount more than $500 must have Board of Directors approval.
  10. Petty Cash for Sunset Marina will have cash in the amount of $200.
  11. Landscaping at Sunset Marina. The Board of Director’s approved hiring a landscape service to maintain the property.  HOA Manager to research and bring to board all bids.
  12. Assistant Dock Master– Discussion regarding hiring Assistant Dock Master and scope of work needed.
  13. 3rd Party Rental Service -Board of Directors agreed that the HOA would not provide rental services. Rather, the HOA would suggest that owners use third party rental services such as Sage, Vacasa, etc. if the owners don’t want to rent the slips themselves.

Meeting Adjourned – 6:20 p.m.

NEXT MEETING – April 24, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:         Sandy Day – Sunset Marina HOA Manager

Minutes approved by:  Chris Martin – Sunset Marina Association Secretary