Sunset Marina is committed to environmentally conscious practices for the Marina, the Club House, Lake Chelan, and our Earth.
We minimize or eliminate toxic chemicals used in our cleaning and laundry practices, to protect the health of our housekeeping and maintenance staff and to decrease our carbon footprint on the planet. We consult with Dr. Chandra Villano, ND, local Naturopathic Physician, and we use European, eco-certified products.
Please read the following information on H20 At Home Cleaning supplies being used in our Clubhouse:

From Chandra Villano, ND on H2O At Home:


H2O At Home offers people a better way: with simple, safe, and effective solutions with natural home care and organic personal care, to help people care for their health, families, home, and world.


H2O At Home is a French company: in France and Belgium since 1998 and in the United States since 2009. One French owner lives in France to run the company there, and the other owner lives with his family in Pennsylvania, to oversee the US division.


What inspires the company:

  • Respecting the cycle of nature
  • Being moved by a deep conviction that you can do more and do better, with less
  • Innovating in order to simplify
  • Being confident that simple can work well, that natural can be affordable
  • Enjoying peace of mind in your healthy home
  • Dispensing with the unnecessary
  • Educating to go to long-lasting vs. disposable, and durable vs. consumable


The H2O At Home 3E Concept is:

  • Efficient: reduces your cleaning tie by 40% – does the job quickly and effectively
  • Eco-friendly: reduces your use of chemicals by 90-100% and smart tools use only water
  • Easy-to-use: products are lightweight, straightforward, durable enough for routine use


In Europe, the laws are incredibly strict for the production and use of chemicals and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment. European regulations are the strictest to date, regulating chemical substances. The European eco-certifications call for full disclosure of ingredients, with low tolerance of incineration and landfills, and high efforts towards recycling. The 849-page European legislative document is being updated through 2018.


[In contrast, in the US, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, has not been updated since it was passed in 1938! It is 112 pages with only one page for cosmetics. The US has no required safety testing or review of products or ingredients before they are sold. The US Act allows: misleading/incomplete ingredient labeling, known carcinogens, substances that can harm fetal & infant development, hormones disruptors, and unsubstantiated product benefit claims.]


H2O At Home voluntarily submits our products to independent third-party European certifiers and seeks to surpass requirements for four European eco-certifications. All products are kid safe and pet safe. They do not test any of our products on animals.


Due to continuing dedication to the environment and being the largest worldwide donor to Coeur de Foret (a program in Bolivia and Madagascar for reforestation, biodiversity, sustaining local fair-trade efforts, and organic farming of ingredients that can be used in H2O At Home products), H2O At Home is carbon neutral, meaning that they offset all (or more) of their CO2 emissions. Over 150,000 trees have been planted in 8 years and one tree offsets 50 pounds of CO2 emissions per year. The company has saved over 31,150 tons of chemicals, 40 million bottles or containers have not been produced or trashed, and 35,000 tons of CO2 have not been emitted, as of the end of 2017.


H2O At Home is proud of their European regulations, ensuring the highest quality for everyone. I invite you to discover our products, hosting educational demos, and our business opportunity.