We are honored to display two art pieces made by Sunset Marina slip owner and local artist Alessandra Piro. Her art can be viewed upstairs in the game room of our Clubhouse. Alessandra is an encaustic artist. For these pieces, she used multiple layers of cold bees wax and different pigmented oils. The layers are distressed in unique ways to reveal new colors and textures that are captivating. The two pictures below are topographical paintings of local rivers. Alessandra hand carved the contour lines. See if you can identify the local river in each! 

     Alessandra has more of her work on display at Cafe Mela and the Robert Graves Gallery in Wenatchee, as well as galleries in Moses Lake, WA and Santa Fe, NM. Next time you are at the clubhouse, take a few minutes to enjoy her work. You may even find a moment to visit with her and her husband Steve who are frequent visitors to the marina. Thank you Alessandra!